Red Foam Front Trucker #BubbaHat

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Red Foam Front Trucker #BubbaHat

The officially licensed hat based on the beloved comic book character, and now cult movie icon, Bubba the Redneck Werewolf. Sporting that classic number "3", each hat is one-of-kind and hand made right here in Cracker County, Florida USA!!!

This is one of the first officially licensed products created for the film... and just in time for the "extended edition" DVD release! For a limited time, we are offering the hats in a variety of colors and styles. Ears come in two different sizes and there are multiple types of fur to choose from as well. Just like Bubba, each #BubbaHat is unique! 

Things are about to get hairy... Come get your Bubba swag and go howl at the moon (and your friends)! The #BubbaHat, #1 in redneck werewolf chic.

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