"Ultimate Horror Weekend 2012"

"Spooky Empire has quickly become one of the most respected horror event promotions companies in the United States, bringing to life two of the most popular horror conventions in the nation, with fans attending from all over the world." -SpookyEmpire.com

Hello!  Mohawk Crew presents our Very Spooky Tribute Page!



We've been there since the beginning! Photos, artwork, fashion and other various projects created by the Mohawk Crew, for "Spooky Empire" events in Orlando, FL. If you have one of our "HELLO" cards, then you probably met one of our artists or photographers! Scroll down the page for new content... and more to come from years past! Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to share this page with your friends and family... but warn them that some of the content might be... well, spooky! Enjoy the photos and video. See you all at the next event!




 *POSTED OCTOBER 13th, 2012


Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror weekend 2012 in Orlando, FL.SpookyEmpireLogo-BlackWhite-500x389http://www.spookyempire.com/ October 26th - 28th, 2012.


Watch the Official Promo below!


"The Zombie Walk" presented by The Deadite Empire!TannerMonroe-SpookyEmpire-BeerTruck-Chainsaw-980x360


NEWS! Mohawk Crew @ Spooky Empire!

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Mohawk Crew is back again at Spooky Empire for our 5th year!

     In addition to participating in our routine events and the Zombie Walk, we are currently designing all three horror guitars this year! They will be given away as prizes at the “Spooky Empire Costume Contest” on Sunday. Our table at the convention... will be located... um... somewhere at the convention... Please find us and come meet our artists in person.
    Original Artwork, Limited Edition Prints, and Crystalized Sportswear along with other merchandise will also be available. And by popular demand the “Mad Monsters” will also be back in attendance. These retro style action figures will be available for you to take home for the first time!
    Scroll down the page for tons of pictures from past events and other cool stuff. Come back for New Photos, Videos, and an Event Recap from the 2012 festivities. Thanks!

About Spooky Empire

"Spooky Empire has quickly become one of the most respected horror event promotions companies in the United States, bringing to life two of the most popular horror conventions in the nation, with fans attending from all over the world. Spooky Empire’s ultimate goal is to provide memorable events for horror fans to return to each year, a place where they can congregate with thousands of other people with the same interests." Read More -http://spookyempire.com/about-spooky-empire.html

About the Costume Contest: Sunday, October 28th

This year's costume contest will be extra special as it takes place Halloween Weekend! Use your creativity, we want to see the best costumes you can come up with this year, no store bought costumes. so start planning now. We are giving away big prizes, so make sure you blow our judges out of the water!

2012 Featured Guitar Artists: Jon Fisher, Shanen Taylor, & Tanner Monroe.Before Photo of the Donated Dean Guitar Kits



A behind the scenes look at creating the custom 2010 “Freddy Krueger Guitar” autographed by Robert Englund! Created by: Shanen Taylor & Tanner Monroe.





The Humble Beginings of the Blank Guitar Kits Donated by Dean Guitars...

Before Photo of the Donated Dean Guitar Kits

and the Finalists are... Custom Hand Painted Horror Guitars by Mohawk Crew!

 Spooky Empire Guitars by Mohawk Crew

 iPad FRIENDLY slideshow BELOW!... If you have your own photos that you would like to contribute, or are one of the costume contest winners...

We would love to hear from YOU! Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Meet the MOHAWK CREW. Spooky Empire's 2012 Featured Guitar Artists!

Sid Haig (Captain Spaulding) Guitar by: Tanner Monroe   #tannermonroe

Robert Englund (Freedy Krueger) Guitar by:Jon Fisher   #jonfisher

Spooky Empire (Frankenstein) Guitar by: NenYao (Shanen Taylor)   #nenyao

SE2012 CustomGuitar TannerMonroe-SidHaig-Web

SE2012 CustomGuitar JonFisher-FreddyKrueger-Web SE2012 CustomGuitar ShanenTaylor-Frankenstein-Web

      "When I was first asked to design all three Spooky Empire Dean Guitars for 2012, I was stoked! As usual, the deadline was only a couple weeks away so I knew I had to enlist the help of two other great artists and friends.

     The guitar that I painted was inspired by Sid Haig's character "Captain Spaulding", in Rob Zombie's movies; "The Devil's Rejects" and "House of 1000 Corpses". I wanted to acheive the grungy, dirty, hand-made look and feel of Captain Spaulding's "Museum of Monsters and Madmen". I used an american themed paint scheme to match our character's attire and pictured his likeness at the top of the guitar. The captain laughs with that wicked smile of his while he flips the bird, reministent of the hold up scene at the museum. The bottom of the piece reads "Fried Chicken, Gasoline & Spooky Empire". The back of the Dean represents a desicrated american flag; painted upside down and backwards, with a pentagram in place of the fifty stars.

     I cant wait to get my hands on the next one! Petey... Stay in touch."


Comments from the Artist, Coming Soon!



Official 2012 Captain Spaulding Guitar Gallery 1

Official 2012 Captain Spaulding Guitar Gallery 2

Official 2012 Freddy Kreuger Guitar Gallery 1

Official 2012 Freddy Kreuger Guitar Gallery 2

Official 2012 Spooky Empire Guitar Gallery 1

Official 2012 Spooky Empire Guitar Gallery 2

     "After finishing the Freddy Krueger Guitar from the 2010 Spooky Empire Event, I was more than ready to start on another one. So I was really excited when I actually got my hands on my own guitar.

    The chance to recreate the Spooky Empire Logo was immediately my first choice. I enjoy using bright colors with any work that I do, so I cartoonized Frankenstein with florescent paints that would allow him to glow in black light. With normal lighting, he looks like he is holding the guitar, but under black light he seems to float. On the back side of the guitar, I incorporated the back of Frankenstein's head as well as his hands.

    I was extremely surprised when the first place winners of the 2012 Spooky Empire Costume Contest, the group of 11 or so people dressed as Monster High chose my guitar as their prize! They had told me that they were going to display it in their school, to which I feel honored. I just wish I had found out which school… Oops. If anyone knows anything about these mysterious Monster High winners, I would love to get in touch with them.

And, of course I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the chance to do another guitar!"

-- NenYao --





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Contact the Deadite Empire to plan your next event today! Mention the Mohawk Crew for Special dicounted rates.

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 Contact the Deadite Empire if you dare....  Email Jesse "Dead Fish" This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Spooky Empire's 2012 Zombie Walk Photos Below!

October 26th, 2012 @ 12 o'clock noon, the party kicked off at The Rosen Centre and made it's way to the front doors of Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend at The Hilton Orlando. CAUTION!!!


Event Photography donated by Nen Yao and Jon Fisher. Photos are for personal use only.

Please credit our photographers. For use in commercial projects, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






"The infection has spread…Spooky Empire's Zombie Walk has grown by the hundreds over the last few years!" Were you there? We probably snapped a pic or two... View, share, download, or print your photos, FREE... Check out our gallery links below!

Spooky Empire 2012 Zombie Walk Photo Gallery 12012 ZOMBIE Walk Gallery @ Tanner Monroe

 NenYao's Zombie Walk 2012 Photo Album2012 ZOMBIE Walk Gallery @ NenYao

Spooky Empire Zombie Walk Photos by Jon Fisher2012 ZOMBIE Walk Gallery @ Jon Fisher

Spooky Empire Official LogoSpooky Empire Official Walking Dead Information.




Spooky Costumes and Convention Crowd!

Beware... You might be in one or more of these pictures...








 White Collar Side SHOW @ Spooky Empire 2012





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