Just in Time for the Walking Dead... My Custom Zombie Action Figure!

My Little Zombie Me Slideshow


Where in the HELL did I get this creepy lil dude that looks just like me???

In honor of my favorite, current tv show; "the walking dead", and an independent film "Apoc Boyz" that I was involved with, I combined my general love of horror movies into an action figure of myself, made up as a zombie. I uploaded some actual photos and ended up with 3D model that looks very much my likeness. Thanks to the guys at MyFaceOnAFigure.com

Official APOC BOYZ Zombie Promo!Outakes and Bloopers!Watch the FULL SERIES HERE.

Apoc Boyz Banner WHY WHY WHY?! The inspiration behind my undead Tanner doll...

Side view of Charles and rest of cast. — with Shanen Taylor, Deadite Empire and Tanner Monroe.


The Cowboy zombie has Mikey TERRIFIED!!! — with Deadite Empire and Tanner Monroe.

Seriously...the end is HERE! — with Shanen Taylor, Josh Noftz, Tanner Monroe, Deadite Empire and Alanna Baker.

I was working on location, downtown Tampa, for the filming of "Apoc Boyz"; an independent web-series centered around zombie apocalypse. It was written and directed by friends Kevin Hoag, Juan Carlos Millan, and Steven Virgin. Below are to videos featuring myself, wondering around in the background as an undead cowboy... Ultimately the inspiration for my custom figure! The photo on the blister card is actually from the day of the shoot. It's is me in my full movie-makeup. Also featured in these videos are a few other "Mohawk Crew" members; Shanen Taylor & Josh Noftz (BONUS ACTOR: his 8 month old at the time, Ryleigh. The first clip on the left is the first promotional trailer for the film... The second clip on the right is outtakes and b-roll from the day. Enjoy.

Custom Action Figure of Tanner as the Living Dead


 Photos, Video, Animation, and Origin Story Coming Soon!