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From comprehensive commercial projects to individual custom commissions, we are eager to bring your vision inito reality.

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Web Tutorial and Infomercial: "Welcome to"


This is an online infomercial and web tutorial created for a client of ours. It's a quick demo and brief glimpse into the features and ideas behind their website. The video was presented at a trade show in vegas for the launch of and Directed by: Tanner MonroeDirector of Photography: Jeff YarlettVoice over, Post-Production, Motion Graphics, and Animation by: Tanner Monroe



Serbu Firearms Inc. "A Different Kind of Gun Company" HD. Full Video (Complete seven part documentary)


      Included in this seven part webisode documentary; a company history, product demonstration, and visualization.

Starring: Mark Serbu

Produced by: Tanner Monroe, Josh Noftz, & Jeff Yarlett


Featured Guns:



SIRIS 1022





Special Thanks to: Tenoroc Shooting Facility

" Starring Jimmy Hart"

Create an action figure of yourself! Web-vertisment



      "My Face on a Figure" Web-vertisment by: (c)2011 Figures Toy Company, LLC

Written and Directed by: Tanner Monroe
Starring: Jimmy Hart
Photography and Graphic Design by: Shanen Taylor
Production Assistants: Tony Balasco and Shanen Taylor
Post-Production A/V, Editing, Compositing, Animation, & Motion Graphics by: Tanner Monroe

"My Face on a Figure" Song Produced by:

Written by: Tanner Monroe and Isaac Respress
Music Composed by: Isaac Respress - (more music samples:  or
Lead Vocals by: Tanner Monroe
Post-Production A/V, Editing by: Tanner Monroe

"AAN Live Animation and Comic Art Auction"

National Television Promo



      Looney Toons / a.a.p. / Merrie Melodies style promo for America's Auction Network. Hands down, this is one of my most favorite production I've ever done! I was only disapointed when it quit running on the air.

Writing, Directing, Post-Production, and Animation by: Tanner Monroe

I used some music and clips from the public domain...

*Song: Cab Calloway feat. Billie Haliday - "These Foolish Things" sound recording administered by: Believe SME

*Video: "Operator Toll Dialing: Dialing" (1949)
Producer: Audio Productions, Inc.
Sponsor: Bell System

*Video: "Newspaper Story"  (1950)
Producer: Encyclopedia Britannica Films, Inc.

*3D "AAN Art Gallery"  by: Jon Fisher

"Sleep Forever" by: Kezia.

Theatrical Music Video



     This was a cool project to work on. Pay close attention to the theatrical scenes. Guest appearance by Tony Moran, who played the original slasher; Michael Myers from Wes Craven's iconic horror classic, "Halloween".

Starring: Kezia, Shannon Hilliard, and Tony Moran

Written, Directed, and Produced by: Anthony Filipic

Art Direction, Set design, and co-production by: Tanner Monroe

Directors of Photography (Theatrical): Jeff Yarlett and Tanner Monroe

Special Thanks to the Deadite Empire for loaning us their hearse for the day and the Cuban Club in Ybor City for granting us such a cool location to film!

Watch MOHAWK CREW's Official




      Just for fun mostly... This is a short playlist of a few videos created by Tanner Monroe and friends for various internet contests. Sometimes it's nice to get away from the normal grind of things and have a little fun. Watch to see what can be accomplished without a budget or fancy equipment...

Featured Contests:

Film Fights

Post-it Notes



Official Movie Trailer

This is a creative, fast paced video trailer that I edited together from pre-existing video footage provided by the director of the indepentent film "TILT".

Written, produced, and filmed by Travis Blair.

I also designed the official "Tilt" title card and logo.

"3 Coins Productions"

Animated Logo and Video Bumper


2D and 3D Animation services available! 

For information on bringing your logo to life,


"AAN Live Pirate Booty Auction"

National Television Promo

Video promo for America's Auction Network starring my lil' buddy Drew Every. I always had so much fun rumaging around all these antiques to make these commercials! I really enjoyed the set design in this one.

Writing, Directing, Post-Production, and Animation by: Tanner Monroe

Production Crew: Max Wolford and Ben Winstead.

I used some music and clips from the public domain...