Custom Guitar: Creature From Black Lagoon 1954

MCcom-CustomGuitars-Banner-2013-Creature-BlackLagoonAutographed by Ricou Browning and Julie Adams

Creating the "Creature Guitar"

"Fish Tales Bait and Tackle" and "Shark Bites"


Various Hand Painted Projects

"Fish Tales" and "Shark Bites" projects

Paintings: Mad Monsters, "The Dreadful Dracula"


Acrylic on Canvas By Tanner Monroe

Creating the "Dreadful Dracula" Painting

Custom Guitar: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974


Autographed by the ENTIRE ORIGINAL CAST!

Creating the "Leatherface Guitar"

Paintings: Mad Monsters, "The Human Wolfman"


Acrylic on Canvas By Tanner Monroe

Creating the "Human Wolfman" Painting

Paintings: Mad Monsters, "The Monster Frankenstein"


Acrylic on Canvas By Tanner Monroe

Creating the "Monster Frankenstein" Painting

Custom Guitar: Hellraiser II 1988

MCcom-CustomGuitars-Banner-2013-Hellraiser-DougBradleyAutographed by Doug Bradley

Creating the "Hellraiser II Guitar" 

Paintings: Mad Monsters, "The Horrible Mummy"


Acrylic on Canvas By Tanner Monroe

Creating the "Horrible Mummy" Painting

Custom Guitar: "Saw, Billy the Puppet" (2004-2010)


Autographed by Tobin Bell

Creating the "SAW Guitar"


  • Custom Guitars

    Custom, one-of-a-kind, guitars created by Tanner Monroe, Nen Yao, Jon Fisher, and the Mohawk Crew. View pictures of the creation process and final pieces of art! Our guitars have been signed/autographed by celebrities, living legends, and some of the most recognizable horror characters of all time.

  • Mad Monsters

    "Mad Monsters" Paintings as seen on Figures Toy Company's retro reproduction line of Mego style action figure  packaging artwork. Designed, visualized, and painted by Tanner Monroe.

Gallery: Mad Monsters Paintings